a wise man said that if you cant evaluate your own self you cant achieve in life …. Probably this is what Umar Khattab ( rtz) agreed with when he said that the best among us is the one who can best carry out their own accountability.

If one can recognize their weaknesses and strengths then it easy to work on them and achieve more in life. So in a way if we know ourself better then it is a recipe for success.

Knowing ourself can also let us know our  Creator Better and this will be a recipe of everlasting success. I looked at the history of my blogs and the first ever Blog i wrote on this site was in 2006 “Questions of Identity” … It is very fascinating to see how far i have succeeded in knowing myself. I Praise the lord that i have some positive results that i have known myself but also my Creator a lot better.

We all are made different , we all may be in different circumstances , i cant show you my tricks that how i have done it. But at the beginning , there was genuine intention , commitment , urge , desire , the rest was His Blessings. I will pray for you and for myself that may we look for our identities in the debris of lust , hate , love , afflictions , disputes and distraction  of this world , to know ourself better and that will one day help us to know the Most Obvious But the Most Hidden to our eyes , Our Creater . InshaAllah and Ameen.

wintery mooney night

December 7, 2014

a very chilly winter night

with full moon light

the quiet of night

alone in this might of night

i sat on bench in the street

pondered over life

love , affection , hatred and plight

entangled my mind

I prayed , God guide me toward light

that can en lighten my soul and mind !

One cold winter night.


September 21, 2014

sometimes i see something through something

sometimes i see a gleam of blazing fiery sun through the calm and chills of lake water

sometimes i see beauty through eyes of utter ugliness

sometimes i hear God`s kind words of love amidst harshness of reality

sometimes with eyes wide open i dream….

Final Days

August 23, 2014

I went to a nice gathering discussing the “final day” and want to share my reflections ….

Ali Ibn Abi Talib once said that the life  of the dunya ( worldly belongings ) is running away from you while the “akirah ” ( hereafter ) is running toward you . So it is better to prepare ourself for akirah rather than running an endless wild-goose chase

we have always been told about the sign of final days , the day of judgement , the “yom ul qiyamat”  that it is near . should it worry us , confuse us and bother us at all ? should we run like headless chickens in frenzy !? No. The purpose of reminder is that to get prepared for it as it  will be a day of great torment and test and only those who have prepared for it will rise in dignity and honour.

We live in an age when most of the minor sign have appeared as in the narrations and hadeeths e.g; when  injustice and murders will be common , when fornication and adultery will be wide spread , when men of knowledge and taqwa will loose their influence , when mother will give birth to bossy children , when following islam will be considered  strange  and practicing muslims will be looked as strange people , when natural calamities and earth quakes will be common.

So in a way most of the minor signs we have seen and we are moving toward major signs like the appearance of Mahdi as Khalifah , the Dhajjal and the return of Isa AS .

so what can we do as muslims when we see all these signs passing by ? according to various narrations and hadeeth advice is for muslims to keep their calm .

The narrations and hadeeths reflects that When the great fitna ( evil ) start erupting , muslims ” should keep heir heads down ” meaning try to stay calm and compassionate , stand firmly wherever you stand .


It will be a time when all kinds of evils will be up in your face . True muslims will keep their heads down and stay focussed. it will be a time that you will feel turbulence in all forms and ways , psychological , physical and emotional . when you will be pushed hard to go and perform acts of indecency .Things will happen around you and you will feel furious . True believers will stay focussed .

One Sahih Hadeeth narrates that a believer in this situation of great unrest “should sit to calm down and then stand” means that take one step back to think and then act. Read Quran and focus on prayer and zikar and attain knowledge disseminate it. Involve in dawah. “Taleem” ( knowledge of Quran and Hadeeth ) and Tarbiyah ( dissemination of knowledge through our childerns ) is crucial for us and for our generation to stand in honour on this day.

Remember and don’t forget . The time is ticking . The Final day is coming and it is going to happen.



14th August Musings

August 14, 2014

A man in his youth was reading Quran . He wasn’t an imam or mullah or an iconic Islamic scholar but was just a sharp intellectual . He was impressed by the Quranic legal , social and economic system and dreamt about something.He thought of something bigger . He gathered his friends and comrades and raised a motion. His idea gained momentum in social circles.

This was Sir… Iqbal. His idea of ” two nation ” and Pakistan an Islamic state wasn’t the end of story . His poetry clearly explains what he thought of was not limited to boundaries of one piece of land . In one of his writings he mentioned that ” he has heard that the lion that once rose from the deserts of Arabia will rise again ” That is why when interpret Iqbal as dreamer of Pakistan is completely wrong . His thoughts and philosophy was beyond it .

Infact what Iqbal thought was the not the creation of his own mind but it was deep rooted in Quran. His well known flirtations between heart and mind “Aqal aur Dil” and “khudi” is based on Quranic thoughts . Infact his poetry is verses of Quran in different language .

The Azadi march chaos , the terrorism and all these problems are not signs of our failure. Infact the ideological ignorance and confusion to the idea of Pakistan will bring our Real failure . But it’s not too late , ” aj b ho agar Ibrahim ka Iman paida ,,, agg kar saktee ha andaz e gulistan paida ”

Scholars came , Prophets came , Poets came , Leaders came to wake up man and to save the human society from ultimate death , to save human from turning into herd following beast.

Human following other humans in the race for food, shelter and matter ONLY is not a human,rather is a cattle.

Death is to our society when the thinkers and reflectors among us die , and when the writing of the scholars are used to entertain ourselves and not to change our life style.

Standing on my Grave ….

November 2, 2013

I see myself standing on my grave

Long living past death

After God given second breath

Standing and weeping

Recalling and dreaming

Tears flowing streaming from eyes that can’t blink

My mind that can’t think

Blind like a poet that is drowning in the ink

My life is frozen

Like a painful emotion

A painting of emotion

A sea of love, life, death

Wave upon wave of mistakes from my test

But the gates are closed

My prayers just a breath

I am breathing or sleeping

Dreaming of leaving

There is no turning back

Like a broken clock

Spinning between shaded glass

Actions and intention are things of the past

My soul chained like a prisnor

Scars that run run deeper than veins

Are carved  in my back

Sins and transgression that has wounded my soul

I tattooed my bones using blood for an ink

Lying or is it a cancer

Envy, virus

Pride is a parasite that is living inside us

This world was a stage for failed sacrifices

I sit back and think about life before death

I lean back and wish to retake this test

Because I knew that my mistakes are marked with an “x”

I go back and fix them and make them right

Forever too long to live in regret

What you do in this world determine the next

But ofcourse it is too late

The book is now closed

Marksmen are swarming

And we standing in rows

Mounstain of fire starts flowing

The scales are set tight

The deeds are being placed

Judgement upon us lies

You must face

Weighed in measures

Fate has been handed

I am standing on my grave….


October 25, 2013

His name is  Zubair. He is merely four years old. Born to an Algerian father who teach Tajweed in my Local Masjid. Masjid is his play house, his school, his socializing place and just everything.

First time I noticed him on Eid Day . He was handing out sweets to people after the Eid Prayer.He was probably the first for me and for loads of other to receive Eid Greetings from. He refused to hand over his job to his father and insisted on greeting the people and handing out sweets. “May God Bless you my son!” , “May you get a high reward for this ” Every one thanked him with a prayer and gratitude.

His fair complexion and his slightly chubby ,round ,smily-  tiny little innocent face always attract people. He always try hard to finish his tajweed lesson quickly so that he can greet the oncoming people for magrib prayer into Masjid at the door step.

I have seen Zubair even in fajar prayer. I have asked his father that why you bring him so early to Masjid. His father replied that when he misses the fajar prayer then he cries in regret all day. So we therefor wake him up if he doesn’t wake up himself.

Little Zubair`s interaction with other children’s is very different. He does not shout out and call them. He politely go toward then and tap them on their should and talk to them politely. At the Eid Bar B Q, little zubair was fanning the fire and serving the people while other children’s were being fed by their parents.

Little Zubair presence in the Masjid is blessing for the whole community. He is source of aspiration and motivation. In his face I see an angel , in this manners I see the reflection of the seerah of Prophet Mohammad PBUH and  in his eyes I see the light. May Allah bless us good childerns like Zubair  and May Allah give us ability to bring up one like Zubair IA.

food or poison….

October 12, 2013

if it wasn’t for food what we will live for ?! I mean we work for it .. we get married to women to get it cooked and prepared for us .. we went to war for it .. we make it a business commodity .. we celebrate with it.. we win it to win life and we loose it to loose everything.. how can I put the important of our food resources…

There is more to it that we cant even imagine or science will fail to evaluate the scale of money , time and resources that mankind has put in to change the eating habits of human beings. The hottest celebrity on the TV is well known Chef , the hot selling book is best recipe book , and then there is this diet and that diet … Man has been trying to shusssshhhhh his food mad savage in himself in many different way but all in vain.

There is well known cardiologist in Pakistan who goes to food outlets and throw out poor people who eat unhealthy sticky and oily food. He has been heard saying that most of these people then cant afford to pay heavy medical bills for treatment of coronary diseases but they can prevent them by eating healthy food.

Quran says ” eat and drink as what is permissible ( Halal ) and clean ( healthy) ” and then Prophet Mohammad PBUH said ” for a muslim , only a few bites that straighten his back is enough ” .. now reflect on it that whether what you eating is food or poison , decide yourself.

Once again, Muslims of Britain are under the microscope. The recent controversy in UK on the Niqab ( face veil worn by muslim women) started when a woman in court was ordered to remove her veil while presenting herself as witness. The judge said this is necessary to evaluate her witness statement.

While Niqab is a sign of religion in the west and not the sign of culture, it has become more or less a culture in the east. Religious women in the west hide their face and body completely to represent their faith but in the east it has been part of mere culture. Most women in the east who may not practice their religion but wear it as part of their culture.

While there is a debate for banning the veil , no one seems to have clear idea why muslim women wear it. Some non-muslims and the so called “progressive Muslims” which I believe is non-practicing muslims are supporting the ban. Wearing a face veil is not brutal but their opposition towards it is brutal. If we just think outside a box it is not only a religeos issue but issue of civil liberties.

In a country where women have won the right to bare almost everything, we have a proposal to ban people from covering almost everything. People’s freedoms are being limited in the name of emancipating them. The newspaper that has page 3, is campaigning for the niqab ban on page 1. Male MPs want to tell women what they can’t wear; ‘progressive Muslims’ i.e. non-practising Muslims are the new Muslim theologians; and practising Muslims are the extremists.


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